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A sallen and key filter that is inspired by the Synthacon (Steiner Parker) filter.

Sallensteiner has been developed to be the filter for the Silhouette Synthesizer.

Sallensteiner is a newly developed circuit, which retains the filter core of the classic Steiner Parker. The controlling circuitry has been completely revised and forward engineered from a blank sheet, using modern components and freedom in the design process. The result is a filter with a key difference to the original: that the resonance character is preserved, but that can now be controlled smoothly and gradually. No sudden kicking in of the self oscillation or backing off the resonance. When overdriven, and in the high resonance region, Sallensteiner makes highly textural, organic sounds, locking onto harmonics, warbling around. Without overdrive, it will deliver smooth classic filter sounds, which makes it a very versatile filter. It is what I searched for some time: a filter similar in characteristic to the VCF of my tube synthesizer, but without the hassle of high voltages or bulky components. Sallensteiner is a multimode filter. In its current version you can switch between Highpass, Lowpass and Bandpass modes.